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These Shoes Were Made for Walking PDF Print E-mail

These shoes were ment for walking - This quilt was made in a class I took by Susan Carlson - celebrating my first tennis shoes.

Chopsticks PDF Print E-mail

Chop Sticks was made with a variety of Sonya Lee Barrington hand dyes. This is the entire quilt of which the head line banner of my site was designed. Each square measures 2" finished. Machine quilted by Alex

Grape Quilt PDF Print E-mail

The Quilt Life Magazine has "forced" me to create in a short amount of time. My article in the Oct.2010 issue focused on the rich fodder the Livermore Valley Vineyards. This quilt was created in one month with the help of Pam Vierra McGinnis and Paula Reid.

Pomegranates PDF Print E-mail

Pomegranates have deep meaning in the Jewish faith. Each pomegranate is said to have 613 seeds, which corresponds with the 613 Mitzvot or commandments of the Torah This quilt was made for the Quilt Life magazine in celebration of Chanukah for the Dec. 2010 issue.

Neutrals PDF Print E-mail

Neutral quilts hold a special place in my heart - and beloved favorite stash. This quilt was inspired by an antique quilt and provided the perfect playground for my delicious collection of varied neutrals.

Scrappy Bowties PDF Print E-mail

Scrap quilts rule in my book! This quilt celebrate the entirety of my vast fabric collection

Scrappy Batik Quilt PDF Print E-mail

Batiks have a serious position in my personal collection. This quilt celebrates the depth and range of my playmates and show how well they play together.

Circle Crop PDF Print E-mail

Circle Crop was inspired by Cherry Wood hand dyes and the 7 minute pieced circle technique was taught to me by Dale Flemming.

TQS Celebrity Celebration PDF Print E-mail

On www.thequiltshow.com we have an incredible variety of guests. We request that each guest bring two 6 1/2" blocks which represent their style for both Ricky and myself. Here is the first quilt I made from these delicious beauties - this quilt graces the wall of my quilting room as is a source of constant inspiration.

Mud PDF Print E-mail

Mud - The title of this quilt was inspired by a poem celebrating the virtues of the Yellow Rose. The upshot of the poem is, "No one but the yellow rose bush knows how good mud feels between the toes".

Author: Polly Chase Boyden. Hand appliqued and hand quilted by Alex. Pattern available in Beautifully Quilted - to order go here

Welcome Home PDF Print E-mail

Welcome Home is a seasonal favorite in our home. This easy and fun quilt was created in one weekend. It was the first in a series of patterns I create for JWD Publishing. For an autographed  pattern go here

Baskets Quilt PDF Print E-mail

My paper piecing book has made it to second edition - yipee! This is the second edition basket quilt which was inspired by Kaffe Fassett fabric. To order the book go here

Bear West PDF Print E-mail

Bear West has been my only award winning quilt. Boasting Best of Show in a regional show, it granted my young family the opportunity to take a trip to Orlando.

Door County Vacation PDF Print E-mail

One of my favorite quilt, this was cartooned in an Ed Larson class. This quilt depicts our family vacation in Door Co Wi one memorable October

Grandma's Flower Garden PDF Print E-mail

This gallery would not be complete without my first quilt. My Grandmother started it in the 1030's and I completed it in the late '70's. Although it ended the size of a bathmat, it opened the door of creative possibility.


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