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People have asked me to keep them updated with my quilting journey. The updates will include travels, projects, insights and all things quiltie - and perhaps an occasion picture of Sparrow.  To do this, I have signed up with a new email delivery service. If you would like to receive these emails (about once a month) and you are not already signed up for the old newsletter, please use the form below:

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I look forward to meeting you soon - and we quilters do get around!



#7 Cassie Howard 2014-03-06 00:32
Hi Alex,
Loved watching your show when my daughters were still at home. Now they are married and kids of thier own and my youngest does quilt also ( yeah). Would love to know if you are on television anymore - have searched the guides with no success?
Thanks! Again have always took alot away from your shows that I could use!
#6 Frank Figueredo 2014-02-26 05:41
Hi Alex, I actually learned to quilt using your books! Which is why you are one my heroes, and #2 in my list of people I admire the most (sorry, but my Mom is #1).
#5 barb reese 2013-10-02 04:39
When Simply Quilts was on the air, I was working. Now I am retired and devoted to quilting. I would dearly love to be able to have the Simply Quilts Series on DVD, to watch and learn again. Is there any chance that the entire series will be released for sale? I learned so much on the few that I was able to watch on days off--and it was the best part of my morning!
#4 Mary Blalock 2013-08-08 09:13
Hi Alex, I was fortunate enough to take some classes from you in Sisters years ago.
I hope you don't find this insulting,but I am wanting some info about a quilt by Jae Sook Koh. It is called "The Peony" I haven't done applique in a long time, but I fell in love with this when I saw it.
Is there a pattern for it I could purchase?
Every time I see a basket quilt I think of you.
Mary Blalock
#3 toqwvwqvfi 2013-07-29 17:17
wnuhybmfyboefst porvjmut, nskpapvtil , tpqirinhoj: http://www.eydzdtuqxh.com/, http://www.zeppefdlor.com/ nskpapvtil
#2 yqcbyefiph 2013-07-26 08:18
lhdkqbmfyboefst porvjmut, dkatvuopwb , ajikontkst: http://www.lhtwoeqyds.com/, http://www.dhihdslyoy.com/ dkatvuopwb
#1 Jean Mizener 2013-03-12 03:50
I miss seeing you every morning on tv... I learned so many quilting ideas from you. My mother loved watching you she always commented on your smile. She passed away several years ago.... But when I see you smile.... I think of JOSIE!!!!!!!

You are one of the best out there....

Jean Mizener.....

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