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Redwork Holiday Squares

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us? Scrambling for a last minute holiday gift? It seems as if it was just January when I vowed to start my Christmas projects early. Yikes, how time flies! Given the time parameters between now and the holidays, I decided to create some red work patterns for all of us to enjoy stitching. These little patterns can be used for greeting card inserts, tree ornaments or given as a group of coaster sets. It seems as if red work has taken the quilting community by storm and I know why. It is the perfect take-along project for people on the go. Did you know that a stoplight can provide three minutes of stitching time? Whether this season finds you contentedly finished with all your holiday projects, or in the panic mode as I find my self, take the time to enjoy the simplicity of red work!
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Alex’s Agenda

Here is my current schedule. Engagements can change on a daily basis, but here are the currently confirmed dates. I will keep this updated as correctly as possible on a monthly basis. Hope you are in one of these areas, I would love to meet you!

Alex Anderson reserves the right to make any last minute schedule changes.

June 14, ’14 Amador Valley Quilt Guild – Day Lecture
Pleasanton, CA
July 17 – 19, ’14
Ricky Tims Super Seminar
Cedar Rapids, IA


AAQ Store

I love writing and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be published. The goal I intend when writing each book is to educate and inspire. As you browse through my books or use them as a teaching text, my wish for you is to become as intrigued with quilts as I am. All my books are published by C&T Publishing.

In addition to books, I am pleased to have patterns to offer. I have partnered with JWD Publishing and plan to grow with this company. My patterns are based on traditional roots, yet provide a surprising twist or playful element. Each pattern has complete instruction and too can be used as class text.

When ever I am traveling or teaching I am always flattered and more than happy to oblige when asked to autograph my books. I thought it would be great to offer my web buddies the same opportunity. If you would like a personalized autographed copy of a book, please make sure you specify this during the checkout process. If you follow the simple ordering instructions, I?ll have your order to you in no time!

2011 Alex Anderson Quilt Retreat

Quilt’n at the Hilton with Alex Anderson 2011

Every fall I host a four-day retreat in my hometown Livermore, CA. It was started and created because of YOU! Yes, that’s right. My friends on the Internet convinced me that we needed an annual gathering place to quilt and play together. As a result, this retreat has turned into an annual event that I look forward to all year long. Each retreat has a different theme, and we also encourage guests to bring their own projects to work on. So whether you are working on the retreat project or “doing your own thing,” This year Laura Nownes and myself will provide instruction on Y-seams. Again, the return rate of guests has been fabulous and deep friendships have been made. Please note that we now have expanded to two sessions.

Session 1, September 29 through October 2, 2011
No-Frills, Early-Start, Sept. 28
Note – 2011 Session Filled:
To be waitlisted or be put on 2012 contact list please email Susan Moore at [email protected]

Enjoy a fun-filled four days and three nights sewing, laughing, shopping, and eating.  Bring a quilt or two to share at show and tell.  Our sewing room is open 24 hours a day. Sew on your own schedule.  Shop our on-site, full-service quilt shop, provided by Cotton Patch.  Cut out your next quilt in minutes on our Accuquilt machine.

Required Skills: Basic quilting skills plus a good sense of humor and the ability to have fun.
Contact Susan Moore at [email protected] for availability & registration information.

Instructors Alex Anderson and Laura Nownes will make that tricky little Y- seam your best friend.

Per Person Rates:
Private Room $895  –  Shared Room  $695  –  Machine Rental $45 –  Early Start – $50

Price includes lodging, instruction, door prizes, shopping discounts and most of your meals. Our no-frills, early-start is offered to first session. It is for guests who would like to check in a day early and sew. There will be no instructors and no meals served that day or the following morning. Guests are responsible for their own lodging on the night of the early-start. Retreat officially begins on Sept. 29 at 3 pm.

2011 theme – Y-seams.

Please vist for more details, including location, schedule, lesson info, and supplies list.

Contact Susan at [email protected] for registration and availability.

Quilting in the Garden 2011

Alden Lane presents “Quilting in the Garden” 2011, September 24th & 25th from 9am-4pm.  Our featured artists are Rob Appell and Verna Mosquera.

Quilting in the Garden 2010

Much thanks to each and every person who participated in big or small ways to make tthe 2010 “Quilting in the Garden” event the best ever.

Last year’s quilt show saw more people enjoying the beautiful display of quilts than any other quilt show in our past. The collection of quilts was just amazing, The weather superb.

Special Thanks to guest artist, Sue Nickels who’s quilts demonstrated an amazing level of detail and certainly raises the bar.

Watch here for news about the 2011 quilt show.

For more information, visit

Alden Lane Nursery
981 Alden Lane
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 447-0280

A pattern of Alex’s in McCall’s Quilting states that she chose to use reverse applique. Can you explain this method of applique to me?

To reverse applique you would have your two pieces of fabric. Transfer your main shape to the right side of the top layer of fabric. Pin the two layers together on both the inside and outside of the shape or marked cutting line. Carefully cut along the marked line on the top layer only. Then, using needle-turn applique method turn under the seam allowance of the inside shape and stitch to the bottom layer of fabric. Continue until you are done with the inside shape and then stitch the outside raw edge in the same manner with needle-turn applique to the bottom fabric. Remove pins and press.

How do you start to plan a new design? I would love to do one of my own.

When I start a quilt, three things need to happen;

The first thing that needs to happen is that I decide on the technique I want to use such as piecing or applique? Next I choose my block pattern. For example, if I had decided to do applique then I may choose to do the Rose of Sharon design. My third step is to choose a fabric pallet.

Once those three steps are completed I start making blocks and put them up on my design wall. As the blocks become neighbors, they direct the subsequent decisions. For example, do I vary the background fabric? Do I change the block size? Do I introduce another block?

All of this is a part of listening to your quilt as it takes form. That is perhaps the best part of making a quilt.

I quilt on my regular sewing machine. When I am quilting the first two thirds of the quilt is almost flawless and the last part has lumps. It is where I quilt one way then go the other way and where my seams meet one side is bigger than the other and it c

From your description it sounds like a basting issue. With machine quilting the rule of thumb is to pin baste starting in the center of your quilt and move outward about every four inches or a hand width apart. Most of the time shifting happens when the quilt has not been adequately basted.

When I layer my quilt for hand or machine quilting it is loose and I quilt in puckers. What can I do to keep the back smooth?

Place your backing wrong side up on our carpet or work surface. Keeping the fabric grain straight, smooth and stretch the backing taut and pin or tape down. Layer the batting on top of the backing. Smooth the quilt top, right side up, onto the batting. Pin or hand baste the three layers together spacing every four to six inches. Hopefully that should do the trick. There are more helpful tips and illustrations in Machine Quilting with Alex Anderson which can be purchased from her website.