Cigar Band Quilt

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to share some of my quilts with a retirement community in Livermore. Although there were only a few quilters in the crowd, we had a full house of delightful ladies and one man. I brought both historical quilts and contemporary quilts – including traditional and art. After my show and tell was over, a resident brought down her show, share and tell. My socks were knocked off when she revealed this cigar band quilt. It was started in the 1920’s and recently finished. Many times when I see “rescued” quilts, the work doesn’t put the original top in the best of light. However, this was quite the different situation. The quilt was/is pristine! I have seen a few cigar band quilts – but NEVER one like this. I would appreciate any input you might have to this style of quilt and perhaps its value.