How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Or….should I say how I plan to spend my summer vacation. It seems that the stars have aligned and I have a delicious window of time to spend time in my studio. It has been forever and a day that I have had quilt top calling for an opportunity to lavish on my frame. Well, here she is (and yes, it’s a girl) and she is whispering sweet nothings in my ear…..gotta run!

13 thoughts on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

  1. Hi Alex!

    That will be beautiful.Our quilt quild has done a lot hand quilting. Not so much now.
    Someday will you share the pattern.

    Thanks so much for so much.

  2. I love love love that quilt pattern! What do you call it? Is it your own design or is it from a book or magazine? Is it available for purchase (in a book or other publication)? If it is not currently available, would you please consider offering the pattern for sale?? Thanks. So pretty.

  3. This is an original piece – I will keep you posted on the progress of the quilting – it is taking a bit longer than I anticipated….

  4. Hi Alex, will setting up on a frame be a part of your handquilting workshop? I have an old frame but not sure how to use it. I have enjoyed watching you since Simply Quilts.

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