Film Borat (2006) on Soap2Day

Borat is a simple inhabitant of a remote Kazakh village. He has a family and a bunch of friends. Everyone knows him and loves him. They live quite poor and have never been out of the area. Borat is unfamiliar with Western culture and simple rules of etiquette.

Film Borat (2006) on Soap2Day

But despite all this, he decides to travel to faraway America to do a series of interviews there and make his country known. He packs his bags and sets off on his long journey.

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Along with him goes his faithful friend, who will help him in everything. Borat's journey to America begins!

But from the moment he arrives, he makes an extremely strange impression on the ordinary residents of a large American metropolis. They were struck by the manners and appearance of the protagonist tried to avoid him. But Borat did not understand at all why everyone shunned him, because everything he did was the norm for him. He washed his clothes in the river of the central park, greeted everyone on the avenue, rode the subway with a chicken. All in all, he behaved very strangely according to civilized people.

But that was only the beginning. The most interesting began when Borat came to the local TV station to talk to the presenter. After that, Borat gets into a whole series of all kinds of trouble. But he wasn't discouraged and kept on his way to the other end of the country, because there he wanted to meet the girl he fell in love with at first sight. The only problem was that this girl was Pamela Anderson. And Borat saw her on television in one of the roles in the famous American TV series. Did he have any chance that she would reciprocate his feelings?

This movie has long been incredibly popular. For the most part, this is due to the fact that everything was filmed in a pseudo-documentary manner and most people simply did not know that this was a movie shooting. This played a key role in the fact that the humor of the movie is so good and at the same time ridiculous. But at the same time, all of this brought quite a bit of financial hardship to the filmmakers. They were repeatedly subpoenaed and had to pay unthinkable fines. Hence the huge budget for such a modest film. Most of it went to the legal problems that followed. But despite all the obstacles, the film eventually made it to the big screens and became a major hit for many years. It mocks many aspects of American life. Sacha Baron Cohen, who played the main role here, managed to create a unique and comical image, which will be remembered for a long time. The most famous scene of the movie was the meeting of Borat and Pamela Anderson at the latter's autograph session. She was unaware that everything that was happening was a film shoot and thought that she was really being chased by a crazy fan. It all looks incredibly funny. Cohen also had problems with the authorities in Kazakhstan. In particular, he was banned from entering the country for life. But I don't think this upset him too much. As a result, came out a very brave movie that is a must-see for absolutely everyone.