PokerStars withdraws from the Russian market effective immediately

PokerStars withdraws from the Russian market effective immediately

The well-known poker platform is thus following the example of several other gaming providers and international companies. PokerStars took the decision due to the war in Ukraine. Earlier, the poker provider decided to move ETP Sochi to October 2022. Now the tournament has been canceled. However, that decision was made only after PokerStars became discredited and pressure was put on the organization. Several poker players boycotted the ETP in Prague, so the poker provider saw no other solution. On March 9, 2022, PokerStars decided to cancel all online services in Russia as well.

PokerStars is not available for Dutch players

The PokerStars platform – the largest resource for online casinos, is not available to Dutch players since October 2021.

The platform went offline immediately after regulation, as the company does not have a Dutch license. However, the poker provider's absence seems to be short-lived. PokerStars has indicated that it has applied for a license and hopes to go live in the Netherlands before the end of this year. Parent company Flutter Entertainment saw its profits fall sharply after the company was forced to withdraw from the country.

Russian leagues are no longer online

The decision of PokerStars certainly does not come as a surprise. Several large companies also made the decision in recent days to withdraw completely from Russia, including Starbucks, McDonald's, and several other major brands. Dutch gaming providers also made a move, removing Russian sports competitions from their game offerings. TOTO was the first provider to make the decision, after which other parties also made the same choice. The only provider that still allows bets on Russian sports is the Belgian Bingoal.