Threats to 5 Star Movement Senator Giovanni Endrizzi and his family for his commitment against gambl

The intimidation increased after he participated in a webinar on "The fight against gambling in municipalities". The Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio, among others, expressed solidarity with him, reports the site


Serious threats against the M5S senator Giovanni Endrizzi and his family for his commitment against gambling. The Cricket exponent has made it known that he has filed "complaints to the competent authorities to protect my family and the right and duty to defend freedom of thought, to protect the weakest".

Endrizzi, coordinator of the working group of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission on the interests of organized crime in the gambling sector, has already been the victim of threats by the lobbies of betting and gambling. They expressed solidarity, among others, the Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio, who wrote on twitter:

"Giovanni Endrizzi has always been committed with all himself against pathological gambling, and will not be the serious threats of some coward to stop him. To him and his family goes my sincere embrace and my solidarity".


"With great regret I am forced to communicate - explained the senator - that for too long I have received insults and threats for my public commitment against the spread of the social and economic scourge of pathological gambling. A real worm of our society, which every year subtracts significant resources to the economy and literally throws in the drama many families. Endrizzi also recalled "the risk of a dramatic increase in addiction is always there, as well as the strong interest in the field of organized crime. Those who work to counter this phenomenon are targeted".

And he explained that recently "threats, serious ones, have come to involve my family as well. As a father, as a politician and as Coordinator of the Committee on the relationship between mafia and gambling at the Anti-Mafia Commission, I think it is wrong to tolerate more: the measure is really full". The threats escalated after participating in a public webinar on April 12 on "The fight against gambling in municipalities". At the end of the seminar, both Senator Endrizzi and M5S regional councilor Luigi Piccirillo received intimidation that included their families as well.

"Full and unconditional solidarity" expressed the lawyer Attilio Simeone, coordinator of the cartel "Together against gambling", who took the opportunity to ask to "regulate the state gambling sector from the increasingly ambiguous contours". Simeone recalls that Senator Endrizzi "in recent years has carried out a battle not easy that has seen him discuss animatedly even within the M5s ". And invites the leaders of the government and opposition parties "to rally around a serious person, however you think politically. To him and his family my personal embrace assuring him every support".