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Have you ever stumbled across a product that totally exceeded your expectations? It is one of the best experiences in life. The only thing that can make it better is if you are desperately searching for a solution when you find this product by accident. Such was the case for me.

A product I have used for years went through some changes and I found myself searching for a replacement when a friend asked if I had ever tried Floriani Products. I had not, but I immediately began looking for them, but once I tried it I fell in love. I couldn’t believe these products had existed for years and I didn’t know about them. Not only did I not know about them, but the Quilting World I live in, except for a very small group, did not know about them and I made it my mission to change that!

I phoned the office of RNK Distributing looking for the creator of the Floriani Product Line, and was referred to Kay Brooks. I explained to Kay how much I loved using the products but I was perplexed that very few people in the Quilting World knew about them or had access to them through their local Quilt Shops. I wanted to change that for the good of the industry.

That was the beginning of Quilters Select™ by Floriani with Alex Anderson. Since that day Kay and I have worked nonstop to choose the World’s Best Quilting Products and I have personally tweaked each one of them to assure the perfect performance for my Quilters. This line truly is Made Specifically for Quilters!

My mission with Quilter’s Select™ is the same as it is for “The Quilt Show” to educate, inspire, connect and grow the world quilting community in a fun, positive and interactive environment. I believe this product line will help fulfill that mission.

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2 thoughts on “Quilters Select”

  1. Hi Alex. My wife and I love the rulers and mats as they have a made a significant difference in cutting accuracy and reduced hand stress. We have purchased 3 mats and 4 rulers to date and would buy more however our local quilt store is having difficulty getting the product and keeping it in stock. I have learned from the store owner the back office system where she purchases the product from is less than satisfactory and she has refused to buy any more until the invoicing and delivery issues are resolved. We begged our store carry the line, have actively promoted the products and now her display is bare. With all the issues she has had in getting product delivered and the billing issues, we now look like fools for not digging in deeper into the back office operations. Bottom line, this is not good business for anyone and everyone is very frustrated. Please follow up with your distributor on the back office issues and your manufacture on the production delays. If you would like assistance or more information, please feel free to reach out to me directly via email. Mike

  2. Alex, love the idea of your rulers and will buy one once you make your 6×24 a 6 1/2” x 24! I don’t want to have to carry 2 rulersto get a 6” border which is fairly common. Have your cutting board and requested Santa for the rotary cutter. I really want the ruler but refuse to order until it is 6 1/2” wide!

    (I assisted you in Ricky’s Morgantown, WV show).

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