To Bead or not to Bead?

Personally I am not much of an embellishment type chick – but after watching Tom Russell’s show on TQS  (1101) I am rethinking my position regarding this matter. His show knocked my socks off and has prompted a visit to my local bead shop. To subtly bead or not to bead? That is my question for you!

42 thoughts on “To Bead or not to Bead?”

  1. Absolutely! I love beading my quilts! It just adds another layer of sparkle and life to a project. The only problem is it’s addicting and you’ll find yourself looking for bead shops everywhere…lol.

  2. Beads would be a cool way to and visual depth – like, just in the squares, and using tiny translucent pearly beads that match the square element colors, using all the colors in each square.

  3. i think this is the perfect quilt to add beads!!! bold colored in the squares and clear sparkly to make swirls in the background. they look like they are blowing in the wind to me.

  4. Bead it! I put beads on a small quilt this weekend as a result of Tom Russell’s inspiration and while I normally like simplicity it made a beautiful difference!

  5. I say bead it. Different colors and shapes! This would be a great quilt to do it on. Just do it and have fun! I’d love to see what it looks like when it’s done!

  6. I say bead it clear iridescent beads. Adds a sparkle but does not detract from the over all design. Isn’t that true of quilting the surface too? Enhance not overwhelm.

  7. I think you will find “blinging” will add a whole new dimension to your quilting!! It is a rate occasion when I DON’T embellish a quilt and my all time favorite way is with the Swarovski Hot Fix crystals….

  8. I love beads! I would bead it, and since you are hesitant just remember…if you use sewn on beads they are easily removed if you don’t like them.

  9. The simplicity of the design would handle embellishments well. My only advice – the point when you ask “Is this too much?” – it probably is. Will you let us know what you decide – and if you bead, can we see it when you’re done?

  10. Audition different bead effects but don’t sew them down. Take pictures, compare, decide and use the pictures as a pattern reference.

    I’ve added beads, objects, silk flowers, silk ribbon embroidery….crystals.

  11. I don’t see this piece needing beads. However, since you are so hot to jump into the bead thing, I think you are going to do so anyway!

  12. Bead it! You seem to be going down different paths and you have not been wrong yet. Everything you do is beautiful…go ahead and bead it.

  13. If it’s a wall hanging, I would bead it, if it is for baby to snuggle with, I wouldn’t. I’d be worried he’d swallow a bead. But either way, I think it’s really cute.

  14. Come on Alex … I think you left blank color squares just so you would have to be challenged to add a “little something!” Auditoning is essential and gives you a chance to play a little longer.

  15. I think beading and maybe couching a thin thread/cord around the squares (or some of them) would be a good addition to this quilt.
    I really enjoy your work on the show! and I learn a lot too.

  16. Beads add soooo much to a fiber project. As an artist/designer who has a background in both fiber arts and beadwork, I find that many people think beading has to be hard, etc. Given the right kind of threads, needles and beads, everybody can have fun (and success!!) I work and design with wool felt/felted wool and beading makes a huge difference in the end product! Bead It!

  17. I too so loved the show. I made a small quilt top and went out and purchased beads to go with it. The problem is I don’t know where to start or if it needs a specific design or just go for it. Still on the side of the water – can’t seem to jump in???

  18. If it is not a utilitarian quilt, yes bead it up. Beading adds so much sparkle. Make sure you buy beads with big enough openings so it will not be a frustrating time.

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