The Quilt Life Magazine Scores Big!
has selected¬†The Quilt Life as one of its Top 10 Magazines of 2010! Here’s what they had to say:

Here’s a magazine from the American Quilter’s Society for those with the “disease” (the editor’s words, not ours!) Creative and executive directors Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson lead readers through all aspects of creating, enjoying, and collecting quilts. The Quilt Life has a diversity of well-illustrated content that’s sure to interest both beginning and expert quilters and quilt lovers!”

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One thought on “The Quilt Life Magazine Scores Big!”

  1. Alex,
    My friend Carolyn Jones would like to know how to get a copy of your redwork
    pattern…..Can You Talk….which appeared in Quilt Life Magazine, Feb. 2011 on page 33. Her number is 864-877-
    6167. She has a statue of girl and dog…so that got her attention…Betty Lurie 864-292-3357….Many thanks

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