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I love writing and feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be published. The goal I intend when writing each book is to educate and inspire. As you browse through my books or use them as a teaching text, my wish for you is to become as intrigued with quilts as I am. All my books are published by C&T Publishing.

In addition to books, I am pleased to have patterns to offer. I have partnered with JWD Publishing and plan to grow with this company. My patterns are based on traditional roots, yet provide a surprising twist or playful element. Each pattern has complete instruction and too can be used as class text.

When ever I am traveling or teaching I am always flattered and more than happy to oblige when asked to autograph my books. I thought it would be great to offer my web buddies the same opportunity. If you would like a personalized autographed copy of a book, please make sure you specify this during the checkout process. If you follow the simple ordering instructions, I?ll have your order to you in no time!